Sunday, January 11, 2015

Twelve Months: A Letter.

Sweet Nora Cait,

You are ONE YEAR OLD today!!!  Happy birthday, littlest love!!
Here are some highlights of the past three months that lead up to your first birthday:

-You now have four teeth with another two poking through!  Teething hasn't been as hard on you as we thought it would be, thank goodness.
-Pulling up on furniture and cruising around the room are your new skills learned over the past few months, and you have even started pushing around your walker!  You are soooo proud of your new talents.  ;)
-You have learned to clap, wave bye-bye, say "Uh oh, Mama, and Dadda," and you picked up the funniest little scowl that you'll whip out at any moment, because you know it'll get you a laugh.
-Juicy Penningtons is still one of your favorite ways to get a smile from us, and you and your sisters Juicy back and forth in the van all the time.  Hilarious!
-You are so very tender-hearted.  Only a few times have you been scolded (for pinching my lip with your tiny fingers, slapping away food, etc), but OH MY.  If we have to get onto you, it's like your heart is truly broken.  You don't freak out or even audibly cry.  Your eyes just well with tears, your mouth turns into a frown, and your chin starts to tremble.  You immediately want to be picked up, and you tuck your head down under my chin and just stay there quietly crying.  You'll peek up at me every so often, lean in for a teary kiss, and then you'll tuck back in for some making up.  It is heartbreaking and precious.
-Your hemangioma is still the same size, but it is slowly changing from bright red to a faded fleshy pink.  Doesn't seem to bother you one bit!
-Probably my favorite thing you learned to do recently: give kisses.  Unprompted, open-mouthed, drooly, smiley, precious to my heart kisses.  I love this.

-You weaned from nursing all on your own around 10 months over the course of a few weeks...which sent us into a bit of a panic as you had not at all mastered the sippy cup!  A few weeks of practice (and some very sweetened milk...) and you got it down.  You now drink whole milk and watered down juice during the day.
-Baby food is becoming a thing of the past as you are way more interested in feeding yourself soft, solid foods now.  You love cheese, crackers, cereal, bananas, apples, turkey, chicken, carrots, peas, and the list goes on.  Still not a fan of blueberries.  ;)

-Over the past three months, your sleeping patterns haven't changed all that much with the exception of the evening catnap.  That went away around 10 months.
-You wake for the day around 6:30-7am, take an hour-ish nap around 9am, an afternoon nap of 1-2 hours around 1pm, and you go to bed for the night at 6pm-ish.
-You still love a good paci or two for sleepy times, and you've started snuggling with a little baby doll for naps.  So cute.

-You had your first Halloween for which you dressed up as the cutest little strawberry ever.
-This year also marked your first Thanksgiving, and we spent time with Daddy's family at Aunt Rachel's house.
-We took our first trip as just a family of five and went to Branson to spend a long weekend.  We went to Silver Dollar City to experience all the Christmas-y goodness, to Sight and Sound's "Jonah" and just relaxed together as a family.  You were awesome on this trip, and I loved making memories with you, little lady!
-You experienced your very first snow!
-For your first Christmas, we were with Mommy's family, and you got to know your cousin Charly a lot better.  You two are so cute trying to interact with each other, and I know it'll be so fun to watch you grow up to be little friends.  :)

Little Lovey, you made this past year sweeter than you'll ever know, and I simply can't thank God enough for trusting me with you.  Your personality is so quiet, sweet, easy going, tender-hearted, and you always want to be with us, any of us.  You are a people person, a snuggler, a smiley lovey.  I love you so.  You are precious to me.

Love you forever,

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nine Months: A Letter.

Dear Nora,

You turned NINE months old (a couple weeks ago...oops!)!!
Here are the highlights of your ninth month, little lovey.

-Your first tooth pushed through this month on the bottom front right, and the bottom front left tooth is coming in right behind.  You've been a touch grumpy this month from it, and I don't blame you.  Ouchie.
-Not sure on your weight and height at the moment, but you have definitely moved into 12-18 month clothing officially.  Your size three diapers are looking a bit snug, too.  Big ol' girl.
-CRAWLING!  You learned to crawl this month, and you can't be stopped!  After a few weeks of tentatively trying to figure out the timing of moving your little arms and legs, things finally clicked and you were off!  You chase your big sisters all over the house, you come and find me and sit at my feet to play, and we find you in the most random places now that you are mobile.  It's a whole new phase, baby!
-You say "Da da da da" alllllllllllll day long (figures...), but you have started to kind of say "Mba mba mba" after I ask you to say "Mama"....soooo maybe?!  ;) 
-When you are happy, you rotate your ankles and feet in endless little circles.  I love this and don't want to forget it.

-You are now eating more solid food than you are nursing, and those sessions have dropped to only about 3-4 times a day.  I nurse you in the morning, once sometime in the middle of the day, once sometimes in the evening (maybe), and then we still get you out of your crib for a dream feeding around 10pm.  I just can't let go of this quiet snuggle quite yet.  ;)
-As far as food preferences go, you still like just about everything, and you are getting better at finger foods like Mum Mum crackers and little puffs.  I think we'll introduce a few soft veggies this week and see how you do there.
-I've started letting you practice with a sippy cup with a bit of water in it, and you actually seem to understand what to do with it.  

-Not much new to report here, except you seem to have decided that napping in the car ain't going to happen anymore.  Sigh.  We tried driving out of town during your nap times thinking you'd just nod off,  Bummer.  Perhaps a fluke?
-You still go to bed for the night around 6-6:30pm and wake up for the day around 7am.  You take a morning nap around 8:30am, an afternoon nap around 12:30pm, and sometimes you'll need an evening catnap around 4:30pm.
-One of my favorite things is when I go in to get you out of the pack and play in our closet (hey, don't's quiet back there ;), you will push your head up against the mesh, and, when I push my forehead to yours, you just crack up laughing!!  You'll roll around laughing and then get back into position to head-bump over and over again.  Love this.

-This has been a full month, baby!  The biggest event was when you got tubes put in your ears and FINALLY got relief from the constant ear infections.  Whoever said nursing babies don't get ear infections never met my three girls!  ;)  You were so sweet in your tiny hospital gown, and Daddy took good care of you at your early morning surgery appointment.  All went well, and you feel so much better!  
-We went to Emery's school's Fall Festival, spent a weekend just me and you while Daddy was on call at the hospital and the big girls were at Mimi and Papa's house, celebrated Delia's third birthday with fairy costumes for you and your little cousin Charly, took lots of long walks and spent lots of time outside soaking up the beautiful fall weather, and we also spent a long weekend at the lake with Nama, Aunt Schmoo, Uncle Brendon and Charly!  Phew!  So much fun!

Nora girl, you are precious to me.  You are beautiful, quiet, snuggly, happy and just plain wonderful.  Not sure what I did to deserve such sweet girls, but I thank God for you each and every day.

Love you forever,